Mildred Maude are a self-described "three-piece improv noise band" hailing from Cornwall, England, who named themselves after their drummer's grandmother and make a blissful racket that flies somewhere between Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Can and Mogwai. The band recently signed to UK label Sonic Cathedral and will release a new album, Sleepover, on October 22.

"Glen Plays Moses" is a good entry point into the album, a 20-minute hypnotic, motorik jam that features guitarist Matt Ashdown attacking his instrument with a screwdriver. “We named it after our friend Glen who drives us to our gigs and sessions, sells our merch, and provides excellent company," drummer Louie Newlands tells us. "On the way to where we needed to park for Sawmills Studio, the road by the River Fowey was flooded and wasn't visible. Glen had to drive through the water, guessing where the edge of the road was. We could have easily ended up driving off the edge and into the river itself, or the van could have filled up with water. He managed it and, ironically, we then had to load up a boat anyway because that's the only way to take equipment to the studio once you've parked up. The track seemed to fit the drama."

We've got the premiere of the hallucinatory video for "Glen Plays Moses," which is but a five-minute taste of the epic track, and was directed by Innerstrings. "It feels like a travelling song, which Innerstrings’ video reflects in the form of a fuzzy, monotone flashback," says Newlands. "This short excerpt of the full 20-minute track is kinda like a fleeting memory, too, just giving a little burst of the full experience.”

Watch the video below.

Mildred Maude superimposed with titular Glen
Mildred Maude superimposed with titular Glen

1. Trevena
2. Chemo Brain
3. Elliott’s Floor
4. Glen Plays Moses

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