Last year, Militarie Gun -- the new band of vocalist Ian Shelton (Regional Justice Center), guitarists Nick Cogan (Drug Church) and William Acuña, bassist Max Epstein, and drummer Vince Nguyen (Modern Color) -- debuted with the My Life Is Over EP. Since then, RJC released an excellent new album, and now Militarie Gun have announced two new EPs, All Roads Lead To The Gun and All Roads Lead To The Gun II, due out June 4 via Alternatives Label and September 10 via Convulse Records, respectively. Like the new RJC album, both EPs were recorded with Taylor Young.

Compared to RJC's pulverizing, powerviolence/grind-inspired hardcore, Militarie Gun take a much more melodic approach to the genre, citing influences like Fugazi, The Jesus Lizard, Born Against, and Guided by Voices. "After recording My Life Is Over, I just felt like I could do whatever I wanted," Ian said. "I felt like I could see the limitations lifting off. I love the tension between aggression, melody, and strangeness."

The first taste of the EP is "Don't Pick Up the Phone," which introduces jangly guitars and has a noticeably lighter vibe than My Life Is Over. If you're into other hardcore-goes-softer bands like Fiddlehead and Angel Du$t, you should definitely check this out too. Ian also directed the song's video, and speaking about it to The FADER, he said, "I once took a bad news phone call while I was on mushrooms. I easily could have, and definitely should have, waited until I was sober. Hearing that kind of news in an altered state can make you feel like your world is literally ending and there’s really no way out until your brain returns to normal. For the video I tried to recreate that feeling of something latching on to you and, despite your best efforts to calm or numb your brain, you still feel like you’ll succumb to it." Watch/listen below.

Militarie Gun also just announced their first-ever live show: The Fest.

Militarie Gun

All Roads Lead To The Gun Tracklist
1. Ain't No Flowers
2. Don't Pick Up The Phone
3. Fell On My Head
4. Stuck In A Spin

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