Milo Yiannopoulos' controversial speaking appearance at NYU about "the politics of Halloween" has been postponed over safety concerns. Mayor Bill de Blasio asked the school to reschedule the talk given its proximity to the Village Halloween Parade, which was impacted last year by the attack on a lower Manhattan bike path that left eight dead.

As the New York Post reports, a new statement from NYU spokesman John Beckman reads:

Mayor Bill de Blasio today requested that NYU postpone and reschedule the classroom appearance by Milo Yiannopoulos for public safety reasons in light of the nearby Halloween parades and NYPD assessments of risk. Given the importance of close coordination between NYU’s Public Safety personnel and the NYPD to ensuring safety, the University agreed to the postponement.

De Blasio spokesman Eric Phillips said, "while the NYPD can handle most anything, there are enough security issues with the nearby parade alone to warrant a precautionary date change for anything else significant nearby."

Yiannopoulos insisted his appearance had been cancelled, not postponed, and told The Hollywood Reporter, "as of today, I am without question the most censored man in America. The entire city of New York is terrified of one gay man stepping out of line and calling out the left as the intolerant, censorious crybabies they are." According to a post on his Instagram, he plans on streaming a speech live from an NYC location on YouTube at 3:30. It's one of the few social media platforms he hasn't been banned from.

NYU's "anti-PC" Professor Michael Rectenwald, whose class Yiannopoulos had been scheduled to speak in, made a statement about the postponement on Facebook. "I would like to point out that while Milo Yiannopolous is blamed for the threat to public safety, leftist protesters are the ones who pose the actual danger, with their proclivity for violence," it reads. "I was merely trying to arrange a cultural exchange between my class and a harmless person from the center-right. As Milo put it, '[t]he entire city of New York is terrified of one gay man stepping out of line and calling out the Left as the intolerant, censorious crybabies they are. And they just proved it—by censoring me again. I couldn’t ask for more conclusive proof.'"

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