Milwaukee screamo/hardcore band Snag will follow their great 2019 self-titled debut LP with their sophomore album, Death Doula, on July 2 via Middle-Man (USA), Zegema Beach (Canada/North America), Sad React (Europe), LongLegsLongArms (Japan), and Confluence Records (cassettes).

We're premiering its first single, "Heirloom," which picks up right where Snag left off and continues to push this band in exciting new directions. It's still raw, harsh, basement screamo, but Snag sneak a little arena-sized ambition in there too. It's a chaotic, constantly shapeshifting song, and underneath all the abrasiveness are some bright, gorgeous melodies that sound like they're trying to claw their way out.

"The song 'Heirloom' is about community and remembering friendships in a pandemic. Generally about being good to other people so that people are good to you in return," drummer Bryan John Wysocki tells us. "It also discusses the feeling of being burned out," bassist Peter Murphy adds. "The last year was exhausting for everyone for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the emotionally taxing nature of isolation from the people you love during the pandemic. Amid the inexorable parade of horrors, mostly at the hands of an alternately cruel, violent, neglectful, and incompetent state, we could at least draw some comfort from the mutual aid efforts that arose in lots of places."

Guitarist Sam Szymborski adds, "A friendly smile can save a life. There’s hope in friendship, there’s hope in community. The lyrics and energy of this song attempt to encapsulate some of these feelings."

Listen below...

1. Jar Spell
2. Heirloom
3. Prairie Thistle
4. Next Morning
5. Weathervane
6. Purgatory
7. Paradigm Shift