Last year, long-running Milwaukee ska-punks Something To Do released their very good new album Give Me Attention, and because they had more downtime than usual due to no touring, they've already got another new song. It's called "This Year's Been A Kick In The Nuts," and like... yeah.

"Even though we just put out a full album in November, we've still had a fair amount of downtime, at least relative to what we'd normally have going on, and so we've already been writing a big pile of new songs," bassist/singer Nate Tredinnick tells us. "This one felt like a good one to put out now, because we're definitely feeling it - this last year has been a kick in the metaphorical/spiritual nuts, for our families, friends, neighbors, etc. We've had a whole range of stressed out feelings, we've had friends who've gotten sick and/or died and to top it off, somebody stole the catalytic converter off of our van that we haven't been able to use. (To be fair, whoever stole the converter is probably also going through a rough time.) It's a little bit of a 'wallow in the bad feelings', a little bit of "i'm not gonna let these bad feelings keep me down" and a little bit of 'rip off Macho Man Billy Joel's 'Uptown Girl' but in a way where he can't sue us' - full spectrum, circle of life stuff."

Nate also adds, "We recorded this one pretty virtually/remotely but everyone in the band is fortunate enough to be close to vaccinated so pretty soon we'll be getting back together after a long-as-hell in-person hiatus and knock on wood, maybe one day, we can even play shows again." (Let's hope!)

Like Give Me Attention, it's a fun, catchy ska-punk song, and -- like a lot of good ska-punk -- the frustration in the lyrics is balanced out by bright melodies and addictive rhythms that make you wanna escape all the stress and chaos and have a little fun for two minutes and 21 seconds. It's very effective, as you can hear for yourself right here: