Life of Agony have been busy touring with new drummer Veronica Bellino after longtime drummer Sal Abruscato left the group for "personal reasons." It looks like those reasons may have included the bigotry, homophobia, and transphobia that Life of Agony singer Mina Caputo allegedly accused Sal of on social media today.

Sal posted a screenshot of Facebook of what appears to be a since-deleted tweet by Mina that read "Poor Sal was kicked out of Type O Neg kicked out of LifeOfAgony 2X, is a bigot, homophobe-Transphobic Supportd TransBan in Military He's a gas-lighter amngst his(what was his mst loving friends)He's Envious Spiteful combative & hates his own pathetic life Contemplate that genius!" (It was in reply to someone asking Mina, "Sal Abruscato claims you voted for Trump - is that a lie?")

Sal added in response, "Look at what this piece of shit tweeted about me on Oct 25. I haven't said a word in 10 months, just been busy with my album and you suddenly need to talk smack about me. #fuckyoumina #janisjoplinsuglytwinsister." Given that second hashtag, it doesn't sound like he's denying the transphobia...

We reached out to Mina for comment and we were told there is none.

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