Mind Spiders are more than just the product of half of The Marked Men, they’re a fully contained post-punk machine driven by the songwriting of Mark Ryan. Yes, guitars are a focal point of the recordings, but so are the wild squeals of synths. And much like DEVO, who seem to be a primary jumping-off point, there is a coldness to the danceable punk approach, one that lays across an overall machine-like ferocity that make them so compelling.

With Furies, the latest from Mind Spiders, the band digs in on that anger and space-funk, playing driving and danceable punk while wild synths careen into the psychedelic nothingness. If the LP wasn’t so exacting and –- ahem -– furious, you might guess that the proceedings were drug-fueled madness. The title track to “Furies,” which makes its debut here today, is futuristic synth punk at its finest: Harsh and cold, yet melodic and inviting. Stream the new track for the first time below and get your copy of Furies on January 26 via Dirtnap.

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