Formed from the ashes of the loved Living Laser, Hudson Valley Hardcore band Mindforce formed in 2016, quickly gained steam and built a legacy off the strength of a few singles and a kinetic live show. In late 2018, Mindforce released their debut for Triple B Records, the highly anticipated Excalibur. They played a record release gig at The Kingsland in Brooklyn with Take Offense and others, and were preparing to play area shows into 2019. That’s all until things sadly changed on January 6. The band writes:

Thursday night our best friend and guitar player, Mike, got in a head on collision. We’re so thankful Mike is alive and going to be ok. Mike has a long recovery ahead and Mindforce is on an indefinite hiatus. We’ve played some of the wildest sets but it’s time to refocus.

It’s hard to know the details of what they mean by “indefinite hiatus” and “refocus,” but one thing is definitely clear, Mike Shaw can use your help. A GoFundMe has been launched to help Mike with "upcoming bills, rent food, childcare, etc." Here's the full GoFundMe description:

On 1/3/2019 a great friend of mine and the hardcore community, Mike Shaw, suffered an almost fatal accident when he was hit head on by an oncoming vehicle resulting in multiple fractures to his left leg, broken ribs and other injuries. He has a long road to recovery as his left leg will have to undergo multiple surgeries and months of physical therapy before he is able to return to work let alone walk again. This leaves him and his family in a difficult situation with him being unable to work for an indeterminable amount of time with upcoming bills, rent, food, childcare etc. Please donate whatever you can, any amount helps. Let’s help take some of the strain away from Mike and his family during this difficult time. Thanks in advance for any support.

If you'd like to donate, head here. We hope Mike has as speedy a recovery as possible.

Stream Excalibur below:

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