Block By Blockwest, the online music festival happening within sandbox game Minecraft featuring Massive Attack, IDLES, Pussy Riot, Cherry Glazerr and more, was supposed to happen on Saturday with but ended up getting postponed to May 16 after their servers crashed an hour into the festival from "massive demand." One of BXBW's organizers,  DJ Sutera, wrote:

Hi everyone,

We are sorry to do this but due to the massive demand, our servers were unable to accommodate the influx of attendees at this time.

We don't want to compromise the experience of your performance or the attendee's experience anywhere in the festival grounds. Because of this, BXBW will be postponed until May 16th in order to provide the experience that we promised.

Sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you all so much for your continued support.

As you can imagine, this adjustment will take some time. We will contact everyone esarly next week about the next steps.

Sutera also notes that the festival did reach their donation goal of $5000 in the one hour the servers were working. Proceeds from Block By Block West are being donated to the CDC's Covid-19 Response Fund.


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