Industrial metal vets Ministry returned with their very political, very of-the-moment new album AmeriKKKant in March, and they're on tour now supporting it. They played Long Island's Paramount last night (4/19), and as they've been doing on the whole tour, they had giant blow-up anti-nazi Trump chickens on stage, which members would try to kick off the stage throughout the show. They also played anti-Trump video clips at the beginning of the show, and continued to project clips with themes of war, media, and the government throughout their set. They also have Burton C Bell of Fear Factory as part of their touring band, and Burton took lead vocals for a few songs. While the show is very of-the-moment like the new album, Ministry still made time at the end of their set for classics like "N.W.O.," "Thieves" and "So What," and they still play those songs like no time has passed since they were released.

Ministry have great direct support for this run, Chelsea Wolfe, who's an especially good match since her new album Hiss Spun has more of an industrial influence than she's ever had before. Pictures of Chelsea, Ministry, and openers The God Bombs are in the gallery above. The tour includes another NYC-area show on Saturday (4/21) at Wellmont Theater.


photos by Ester Segretto

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