Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin has been accused of having sexual relationships with two minors in a new report from Billboard. Both allegedly took place before he joined the band, while he was touring with Society 1. One woman, Kelly Longoria, told Billboard that she met Quirin in 2002 when she was 15, and that he was aware of her age upon their first meeting. According to Longoria, the meeting was the beginning of a "long and twisted courtship from Quirin, during which he traveled to San Antonio between 18 and 20 times and visited her while she was still in high school." In a report filed with the San Antonio Police in 2017 about their alleged encounters, Longoria said, "the initial sexual assault occurred sometime between December 2002 and April 2003. There were approximately two encounters during that time frame and after that we had a ‘boyfriend-girlfriend’ type relationship, even after I was of legal age. I could not tell you how many times we had sex during that time frame."

Quirin, speaking to Billboard through a lawyer, acknowledged that he'd met Longoria in 2002, and gotten her contact information for use on a Society 1 mailing list, but denied having sexual contact with her or any other minor. "Mr. Quirin did not begin visiting Ms. Longoria in San Antonio," Randolph Ortega, Quirin’s attorney, wrote in a statement. "During this time Society 1 was touring heavily in various locations throughout the United States. When the band was in or near the San Antonio area, Ms. Longoria would come to the show as a guest."

A former girlfriend of Quirin's, Lacey Sculls, told Billboard that she broke up with him upon learning about his relationship with Longoria, and that it had begun when she was a minor. She says that in an April 2011 email exchange, Quirin allegedly admitted to the relationship, but wrote, "I never targeted anyone because of their age. Ever. This wasn’t some groupie thing. I ended up with this person for years. You are now treating me or looking at me like someone who targets children. Sorry, but that’s not me and that doesn’t feel good. I can’t take anything back and I can’t erase things. But did I seek anyone out that was a certain age? No. Do I continue to seek people out who are that age? No. That was the only relationship where it was like that. And I’m sure you probably don’t believe me now anyway. But that’s the truth."

Another woman, "Brooke," now an entertainment industry worker, told Billboard that she met Quirin in March of 2005, at a Society 1 show in Portland, when she was 16. Brooke says the band came up to her and the people she attended with, looking for a place to stay, and Brooke offered her own house, because her mother was away. She said she "definitely made it clear" to Quirin and the rest of Society 1 that she was a minor. According to Brooke, she and Quirin had sex that night and the next, when she says she went to Tacoma to see the band again. Her sister, who was with her on both nights, corroborated the story to Billboard.

"Mr. Quirin maintains no recollection of meeting a minor outside a show in Portland," his attorney Ortega wrote to Billboard in response to Brooke's allegations. "Mr. Quirin denies ever have (sic) any sexual relationship with anyone under the age of majority."

When asked if he had any knowledge of the allegations by Billboard, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen said, through his lawyer, "Mr. Jourgenson (sic) is unaware of any of potential nefarious activity by any member of Ministry during their respective tenure(s) with the band including but not limited to Mr. Sin Quirin."

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