Ministry's 1985 single "Everyday (is Halloween)" is a ghoulish classic, falling in between the group's early (disavowed) synthpop days and the full-on industrial band they would soon become, with an insanely catchy "bop bop" chorus. Cleopatra Records has released a new 12" featuring two unreleased mixes of "Halloween": the "Dirt Mix" and the "Dirt Dub," both of which push the drum machines forward in the mix and point to the noisier direction Al Jourgensen would take the band. The 12" also features "Playground" and an instrumental version of "I See Red." You can order the 12" here and give it a spin below. You can also listen to the original version of "Halloween" and a acoustic video Ministry shared earlier this year, below.

Ministry were supposed to be celebrating 30 years of A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste on tour with KMFDM and Front Line Assembly but that has been postponed to 2021, though the planned March start seems a little shakier now. Stay tuned.

Speaking of gothy music and Halloween, we just published a couple lists: Classic Goth's 13 Greatest Albums and 13 Great Classic '80s Goth Songs.

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