Alpha Consumer

Minneapolis trio Alpha Consumer have strong ties to the local scene, members having collaborated with Bon Iver, Brother Ali, Andrew Bird and others. Their own music tilts toward twitchy new wave rock, unafraid to dip their toes into the cheese at times. The band's new album, Meat, will be out April 15 on Totally Gross National Product (Polica, Marijuana Deathsquads) and we've got the premiere of "Ms Positron" from it in this post.

Stream that track and check out the album art and tracklist below...



Alpha Consumer - Meat tracklist:
01. Gaping Beak
02. Ms Positron
03. Brain Doctor
04. The Eat
05. Tool Makin' Hands
06. Shadowless
07. You Ain't Alone
08. In A Circular Room
09. Step Sister
10. Cry Bullets