Minneapolis band Uranium Club keep a low profile. They eschew social media, doen't really do interviews, their press releases sound like corporate missives and, while they tour, they don't do much in the way of promotion. (Good luck finding a list of dates.) But if you happen across their records, they speak for themselves: the kind of hyperactive, angsty guitar music that's like Devo, XTC, The Fall, The Wipers, The Feelies and My Dad is Dead whizzed up in a blender.

The enigmatic group released the Human Exploration 12" in 2015 and have just released All of Them Naturals via Static Shock/Fashionable Idiots, featuring six sneery, nervy rippers, a fragment of another song and an intro from a corporate drone with a erudite British accent. It's fantastic and you can stream the whole thing below.


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