Ed Ackerson is a Minneapolis music legend. As a musician, he's played in indie bands since the '80s, including The Dig, Polara, 27 Various and, recently, BNLX, and most of those group's records came out on his own Susstones label that also put out loads of records by other Minneapolis bands. He also is an in-demand recording engineer, working on records by The Replacements, The Jayhawks, Joseph Arthur, SAVAK, and more over the years, and has run Flowers Studio since 1998. Sadly, just over a year ago Ed was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He has been fighting it tooth and nail but it is expensive. Insurance only goes so far, and his treatments have meant he's had to drastically scale back his work at Flowers; his income is 75% less than what it was last year. Like a lot of self employed creatives, Ed does not have his own life insurance policy or a 401K plan as a safety net for his wife and young daughter.

However, friends have a set up a GoFundMe for an Ackerson Family Fund:

The money you give will help in three ways:  1) you will help Ed and his family get through this very challenging time; 2) you can provide a safety net for young Annika Ackerson and her mother; 3) you will undoubtedly bring great karma back to Ed, who has dedicated his life to bringing art into the world, and helping countless other bands achieve their dreams.

They've already met their $25,000 goal but if you can help further please do. Our thoughts are with Ed and his family.

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