Minnesota progressive black metallers Amiensus have been going strong since 2010 (and lead vocalist James Benson has also been in Chrome Waves since 2018), and they're now set to release their third album -- and first in five years -- Abreaction, on October 2 via Transcending Records (pre-order).

"This record is the first full-length album written from the perspective of a band that knows how to tour and play together," James said. "Previous records were written before we began playing live or touring. The culmination of strong songwriting and the mixing and mastering from one of my idols, Antoine Dufour, presents what I view as our strongest album to date. The power of this album comes from our desire to unite our strengths in many genres while keeping to our roots of black metal."

We're premiering the new song "Iconoclasm," which James calls "the heaviest track on the album" and "a call back to Ascension (2015), our last LP." He adds that it's "lyrically one we also consider one of our masterpieces and on a topic we've been fascinated by since our teenage years when we began playing music together." It is indeed very heavy. Especially compared to the recent melodic/atmospheric single "Drowned," this new one is truly bone-crushing. Listen:

1. Beneath The Waves
2. Divinity
3. To The Edge Of Life
4. A Convocation Of Spirits
5. Euphorica
6. Drowned
7. Cold Viscera
8. All That Is Unknown
9. Iconoclasm
10. A Convocation Of Spirits * acoustic digital/CD only bonus track


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