Minor Pieces is the new collaborative project of avant-garde singer/composer Ian William Craig and Missy Donaldson, and they're releasing their debut album The Heavy Steps Of Dreaming on October 4 via Fat Cat (pre-order). "When we started, we barely knew each other and soon figured out that we have entirely different ways of operating and processing information," Missy said. "Our creative processes are markedly dissimilar. So there were times when we could’ve just walked away, seeing as sitting in the difficulty of learning and changing was uncomfortable, but as we grew to know each other, we identified that we were shifting through major barriers that were previously programmed. What we really needed was to address what each of us required to thrive. Oncewe laid it all out on the table openly, it clicked, and found there really was a lot worth sticking around for. We worked through a multitude of layers to gain and embrace honesty, patience, commitment and understanding. We needed to separate friendship from bandship. It helps that we are both extremely sensitive humans and now dear friends."

The album was recorded by Paul Stewart over the course of eight days, using guitars, voices, several synths and effects, a vintage reel to reel tape machine, and more. Ian says "the whole thing came together rather quickly as far as recording, but we did spend a long time in rehearsal getting things to where they needed to be. We attempted to do most things live, and then push and pull elements out with some overdubbing. It was a different process that what I would usually do, where the composing itself would come out of the recording sessions collaged together; this was an attempt to capture things in the moment as they happened, an energy, a space, things spilling over the edges."

We're premiering the first single, "Rothko," which puts ambient music, dream pop, and operatic vocals in a blender and comes out with something that's very unique and very enjoyable to listen to. Check it out below.

This House
The Way We Are in Song
Tender Fire

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