We've been posting year-end lists from musicians, and our latest one comes from Boston indie band Mint Green, who released their debut LP All Girls Go To Heaven on Pure Noise earlier this year. The list as made by vocalist Ronnica and multi-instrumentalist Daniel Huang, and they included their own new album, as well as the Paramore single, Rosalía, Kendrick Lamar, Alvvays, Charli XCX, Soccer Mommy, their recent tourmates Cliffdiver, and more. Read on for the list, with commentary by Ronnica and Daniel...

Mint Green's Favorite Albums of 2022

Alvvays - Blue Rev

Alvvays are always great at writing catchy melodies. Combine that with shoegaze production and you get Blue Rev. "Belinda Says" is a standout and has a cool key change. - Daniel

Mint Green - All Girls Go To Heaven

This was our debut LP so of course it has a special place in our hearts. All Girls Go To Heaven is about redefining what it means to be accepted. We are taught to, and usually try to, be accepted by those who raised us, those who we admire, those who seem to have it all, but we tend to neglect the importance of accepting ourselves. Accepting our flaws, our desires, the parts of ourselves that we don't show to others. All Girls Go To Heaven means creating your own definition of paradise, peace, and safety. Accepting yourself and taking care of yourself. Fave tracks: "Body Language," "Make Me Stay," "Trying," and "Whatever Happens" - Ronnica

Cliffdiver - Exercise Your Demons

This is such a fun record! High energy songs with some of the catchiest choruses and most inspiring lyrics you've ever heard. We had the privilege of touring w/ CLIFFDIVER this year, and the 7-piece performing the songs live every night was truly something to behold. - Ronnica

Paramore - "This Is Why"

This was a single released by Paramore and from the second I hit play, I was hooked. Paramore continues to push the envelope and flip genres on their heads. The guitar tones on this song are refreshing, the drums are playful and powerful, and Hayley's voice is of course able to just cut through in the most beautiful of ways. Paramore will forever be my favorite band. - Ronnica

Beach Bunny - Emotional Creature

I remember watching Beach Bunny play an unreleased song at the Coachella 2022 livestream and really digging it. I'm glad that the song they played, "Weeds," ended up on Emotional Creature because it’s a bop and a half. The whole album is lovely, and Ronnica and I are both big fans of Beach Bunny. - Daniel

Big Thief - Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You

I generally listen for melody and production over lyrics, but the lyrics for "Change" really hit. It’s a beautiful opener to an immaculate and timeless 20-track album. - Daniel


MOTOMAMI is such a fun and eclectic album that contains elements of reggaeton, pop, electronic, and jazz. "Hentai" is my favorite off this album. It’s a beautiful piano ballad, and here’s a fun fact: Pharrell co-wrote and produced it. - Daniel

Kendrick Lamar - Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Kendrick is the GOAT. He clearly puts a lot of thought and intention into every release. While Mr. Morale may be weaker than his prior masterpieces, TPAB and GKMC, it is still undoubtedly one of the best albums this year. - Daniel

Charli XCX - CRASH

Bangers, bangers, bangers. That's all I can say. Charli XCX consistently puts out the most creative, fun, and iconic pop songs. I found myself listening to this album at any time of day, any state of mind, and the melodies would always be playing in my subconscious for hours and days afterward. Fave tracks: "Constant Repeat" and "New Shapes" and "Good Ones" and "Lightning" - Ronnica

Soccer Mommy - Sometimes, Forever

I don't know how Soccer Mommy does it. They're able to be so experimental and dark with their instrumentals, production, and lyrics, yet the songs are still catchy-enough, ethereal enough, and sparkly enough for you to want to replay it over and over and if it's the saddest song on your playlist. Fave tracks: "Bones" and "Unholy Affliction" - Ronnica

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