Brooklyn's Miséricorde formed in 2022 with members of Extinction AD, A Constant Knowledge of Death, and Descarnado, and they make a heavy blend of sounds that pulls from black & death metal, mathcore, screamo, and more. (Their bio references Converge and Portrayal of Guilt, and I'd second that fans of those bands should check this out. Their upcoming debut EP Self Deprivation was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Aki McCullough (who plays alongside Miséricorde bassist/vocalist Mike Gardell in A Constant Knowledge of Death and who's also in Dreamwell, Necroplanet, and more), and she also lends her voice to new single "Atonement," alongside A Constant Knowledge of Death's James Goldmann. Here's what Mike tells us about that one:

"Atonement" was the last song we wrote for our first release, Self Deprivation. Bands like Portrayal of Guilt and Mourir inspired the music of this track. Especially Mourir who released a phenomenal album last year and probably my favorite black metal record of 2022. I wanted to write a song that was very inspired by black metal but also had very heavy riffs. Lyrically "Atonement" I feel encompasses the main themes scattered throughout the songs of Self Deprivation. This idea of hurting yourself over and over again the more of yourself you try to give, whether you hurt yourself over someone or some greater ideal. And as you keep repeating this cycle and keep trying to atone for that self pain, you receive less and less until all you receive is silence, and it crushes you. I use a lot of religious imagery in my lyrics as well. For "Atonement" specifically, I quoted a verse from the Bible that speaks about religious atonement and sacrifice. I just repurposed those words to fit the themes of the lyrics. I want to give a special shout out to Aki McCullough from Dreamwell and A Constant Knowledge of Death, who recorded, mixed, and mastered the entire EP, and who also provided a guest vocal spot on "Atonement" as well as our good friend James Goldmann from A Constant Knowledge of Death who also provided a guest vocal spot.

Listen to "Atonement" and previous single "Forsaken" below.

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