We already know My Chemical Romance are bringing their long-awaited reunion tour to Riot Fest 2022, and now the fest have added another NJ punk band who are of course a gigantic influence on MCR, the "original" Misfits, aka Glenn Danzig, Jerry Only, and Doyle, joined by former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo and guitarist Acey Slade. They've been added to Saturday (9/17) at the festival, where they'll perform their classic 1982 album Walk Among Us in full for its 40th anniversary.

Speaking about Walk Among Us in a 2013 interview with Guitar World, MCR's Gerard Way said, "This record changed everything for me. [...] I put it on and immediately I felt more liberated, free and pissed off than I'd ever been. It hit me all at once. This album made me realize that there is no right way to do anything-there are no rules. That's the beauty of punk rock: if you believe in it, you can accomplish it. I was an outcast, and that record really got me through some bad times."

Riot Fest 2022 is set for September 16-18, 2022 in Douglas Park, and tickets are on sale now. Stay tuned for the rest of the lineup.

Meanwhile, Riot Fest also just made a bunch of additions to its 2021 lineup, including Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, Devo, and Dinosaur Jr., and that happens on September 16-19, 2021. Three-day passes are currently sold out, but single-day tickets go on sale next week.

Misfits’ first reunion shows with Glenn Danzig were at Riot Fest in 2016, in Denver and Chicago. They're also playing Aftershock Festival in October (as a recent replacement for MCR).

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