Indie/emo cult faves Weatherbox went on hiatus in 2016 but then returned earlier this year for a few shows and a couple new songs (released as live session videos). Now, main member Brian Warren is focusing on a newer band, Miss New Buddha (a play on the Bubba Sparxxx song "Ms. New Booty"). The band's lineup also includes Jordan Krimston (Band Argument, Weatherbox), Shane Moylan (Weatherbox, Meraki), Tony Gidlund (Rob Crow's Gloomy Place, Fever Sleeves), and Trevor Levieux (Daysleeper), and it leans more punk/post-hardcore than Weatherbox tended to, especially in the latter half of their career.

Miss New Buddha debuted in 2017 with the single "Creeper In The Wings," and then Brian told San Diego Reader last year that they had a four-song EP on the way. That EP turned into a full-length called The Situation Is Excellent, which the band just finished recording and are now mixing with Ben Moore (Hot Snakes, Rocket From The Crypt, Pinback, etc). Most album details like release date are still TBA, but we're premiering the first taste of the LP, "Enter Skramz Band" (get it?). It's noisy, '90s-style post-hardcore of the AmRep/Touch & Go variety, but Brian Warren's unmistakable voice makes it sound like no one else but him. And it's about a pretty powerful topic, as Brian explains: "This song is about indigenous people fighting off European crusaders/colonialists, specifically the Hashishin at Mount Alamut 1000 years ago and the Apache in the American Southwest in 1924, the last year of the Four Hundred Years' War and the first year of the U.S. BorderPatrol, yee haw." Listen below.

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