The 6th Annual Miss Twin Peaks Pageant was held at Joe's Pub at the Public over the weekend (1/21), days after actor Miguel Ferrer (who played FBI agent Albert Rosenfeld on the show) passed away. Host Schaffer the Darklord paid tribute to the late Ferrer through his appearance and some comments throughout the night. Schaffer also noted it was Twin Peaks-series creator David Lynch's birthday (one day late) and prompted excitement from the crowd of Lynch fans as he noted the new season of Twin Peaks will return in May on Showtime. The numerous performers, including Amelia Bare Parts, Boo Boo Darlin', Bunny Buxom, Fox Y. Vermouth, Francine "The Lucid Dream", Matt Knife, Minx Arcana, Seedy Edie, dressed up as characters like Audrey Horne, The Log Lady, Josie Packard, Lucy Moran, Wyndom, before dressing down.

As it was a pageant, riffing on the original Twin Peaks series' penultimate episode, the performances were also judged so that one lucky individual could be crowned Miss Twin Peaks. Though the judging process was opaque, at the end, the announced winner Fox Y. Vermouth appeared quite thrilled. Unfortunately, Schaffer found out a third party had tampered with the voting process which resulted in an overturning of the decision and the crown being passed from last year's winner Francine as Nadine Hurley to Bunny Buxom. Photos from the variety of acts, which are on the NSFW side as you might expect, are above.

In other news, Francine's other David Lynch project, A David Lynch Movie will debut at The Queer Film Initiative on Thursday (1/26) at the Wild Project in the East Village. Tickets are on sale, more info can be found on the event's Facebook page, and you can watch the trailer below.

In still other news: toymaker Funco is releasing two different lines of Twin Peaks action figures. One is part of the Pop! line of cute anime-style figures that includes the least scary representation of Bob ever. The other line features more traditional action figures. Both lines include Agent Cooper, a plastic-wrapped Laura Palmer, the Log Lady and Bob. To restage your own Miss Twin Peaks pageant with them, you may need to supplement with some other figures or dolls.

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