Mitski's last three albums are each one of our favorites of the year they came out, and two of those just became available on vinyl again. Pick them up in the shop before before they disappear again, and let's hope we have a new album to pre-order soon too.

2014's Bury Me At Makeout Creek was the first Mitski album to grab our attention and make us devoted fans, and last year we named it the 17th best album of the 2010s

Before Mitski became one of the most iconic, definitive indie rock artists of the 2010s, she self-released a couple then-little-known albums and then had her first breakthrough with Bury Me At Makeout Creek, which came out on LVL UP's Double Double Whammy label and quickly led to Mitski becoming a regular in indie/punk circles. By time she released 2016's Puberty 2 and its even more universally loved 2018 followup Be the Cowboy, Mitski had fully transcended the indie/punk world that helped her break through, and as great as her two most recent albums are, Bury Me at Makeout Creek still shakes us to our cores the most. That'll happen with heart-clenching lines like "I want a love that falls as fast as a body from the balcony" and "If your hands need to break more than trinkets in your room / You can lean on my arm as you break my heart."

Grab that and other Mitski albums in the shop now.

Listen to Mitski's newest songs "Baddy Man," and "The End," that she made for a graphic novel soundtrack, below...