"A hot L.A. Thanksgiving circa 1995. I'd had about enough of not paying my bills on cocktail tips and adjunct teaching."

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"I am in one of those ruts where nothing seems to be happening quickly enough, so I've gathered some songs to battle my mood (or cushion it in a soft cloud of desperation)."

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"I don't know whether it's the fact that I'm not used to seeing so much sky, or whether the aerospace industry is somehow seeping into my subconscious, but this edition of the mix post is dedicated to songs (and bands) in space."

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"There's something I admire about musicians who like to play with language and don't particularly care whether they come off sounding foolish or pretentious."

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"I have only fond memories of fireworks, but I respect their innate nature (and possible desire) to turn on you in an instant."

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