Mo Pitkins, Sunday October 21, 2007
Mo Pitkins

On Sunday night, Mo Pitkins swaggered off into the sunset with a 5-hour finale that captured the charm and the camraderie the venue had always been searching for. "Smoke 'em if you got 'em," announced the emcee, Wonder-Woman clad Seth Herzog, "because there's nothing left to lose." And so people did. The crowded audience of artists, performers, trendsetters, and friends soaked in the vibe for one last time. [The Apiary]


The distinctive Cuban Reuben sandwiches already a memory, patrons and performers packed Mo Pitkin’s House of Satisfaction Sunday night to bid farewell to the venue that was officially shuttered on Saturday. The 150 final revelers—including Moby and Penny Arcade—who populated the sidewalk, downstairs bar and dining room at the party’s high point seemed sad but resigned to the fact that the nostalgia palace would close after only a two-year run on Avenue A. [Village Voice]

Mo's has a page up full of condolence letters, like this one...

Sorry to hear that Mo's is closing. I am very happy that I will get to do two last shows there. I have enjoyed doing many shows upstairs there for the last couple of years. The vibe reminded me of the old fez which as we know also closed. I am getting tired of all the good clubs closing. People are just not coming out to see live music the way they used to. Back in the late 90's, early 2000's when I worked with The Strokes shows were packed and every band was friendly with each other. Thanks again for all the shows you helped me get at Mo's.
Take Care, Kerri


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