Moby claims to have dated actress Natalie Portman in his new memoir Then It Fell Apart. Natalie denied those claims in an interview with Harper's Bazaar, saying, among other things, "I was surprised to hear that he characterised the very short time that I knew him as dating because my recollection is a much older man being creepy with me when I just had graduated high school." In response, Moby doubled down on his claims, insisting, "the story as laid out in my book Then It Fell Apart is accurate, with lots of corroborating photo evidence, etc." and sharing a picture of the two together. He didn't stop there, either - now he's posted a couple more Instagrams where he continues to make his case, and further claims to have been "receiving anonymous threats of violence from her fans, and it’s affecting my business and my health."

In one of the new posts, Moby includes a gallery with two new pictures of he and Natalie along with the one he'd previously posted, and text reading "sincerely, what should I do when people believe accusations and not evidence?" preceding them. His screed in the caption reads as follows:

In my memoir Then It Fell Apart I respectfully and honestly describe the brief, innocent, and consensual romantic involvement I had with Natalie Portman in 1999. But she’s denying that we ever dated, even though in the past she’s publicly discussed our involvement, and there’s ample photographic evidence that we briefly dated and then were friends(some pictures included in this post). It hurts to be lied about, especially as I’ve always respected her, and I thought we were friends. But I’ve been receiving anonymous threats of violence from her fans, and it’s affecting my business and my health.
So what should I do? What do you do when people believe lies and accusations and not actual photographs and evidence? I want to take the high road, but I honestly don’t know what to do. It’s one thing to be lied about, and entirely another when someone’s lies result in physical threats from complete strangers.

He followed that with yet another post, a picture of trees this time, and the following caption:

You know what’s nice? That nature doesn’t care. Also, I can choose frustration and bitterness, or I can remember that as an activist I’m here to help, not to be helped. To be of service, not to be served. Might sound like hippie nonsense, but it’s what I believe. And that adversity is no excuse for abandoning integrity and principles. So, attack me, slander me, lie about me, in the meantime I’ll be trying to save animals and help stop humans from destroying the only home we have. Bye.

Will this be Moby's final word on the subject? Stay tuned...

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