Punk rock musician, '90s club music star, animal rights activist and vegan bakery owner Moby has had an eventful life full of highs, lows, surprising twists and at least a couple controversies. A lot of this is likely to be explored in a new documentary, succinctly titled Moby Doc, that will be out May 28 in theaters and on digital/VOD.

Directed by Rob Gordon Bralver, Moby himself narrates the film which promises "an insightful, unvarnished look" with rare archival performance footage, interviews with the artist and others (including David Lynch, David Bowie, and Shepard Fairey). Also: "re-enactments" and footage of Moby out in the desert, though those may turn out to be the same thing. We'll see. You can watch the trailer below.

Also on May 28, Moby will release Reprise, an album of orchestral arrangements of songs from throughout his discography featuring guest vocals from Kris Kristofferson, Mark Lanegan, Jim James and more.

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