Monday, April 07, 2008

ok, so on friday i saw a video link from
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ok, so on friday i saw a video link from
in said link mr. music snobbery. com admitted that he was having a party at maxwells and his
headliner had cancelled.
he then asked a few people(me being one of them)to play at his party.
so, as i spend way too much time on the aforementioned internet and i have free time on april 10th and i love to play if there's an audience and/or beer involved, saw his
request and i emailed him and said, 'i'd be happy to play at your party'.
then he wrote back and, to paraphrase, said, 'great'.
so i'm playing at his party.
at maxwells.
in new jersey.
if you want to come you can get tickets at here.....

continued below.....

...the april 10th 3rd year anniversary.
i'll be doing drunken cover songs of my own songs and drunken cover songs of other
people's songs.
i'm particularly excited to play a cover of 'new dawn fades'.
which i rarely(and/or 'often')play.
see you thursday, i hope.
it's the only live show i have scheduled in the u.s of/and a this year.
hopefully see you thursday night w/ salt&samovar and la laque.

p.s-the bars in new jersey close early, so i'm not sure what we'll be doing after the show.
but we'll be up late, as both me and my bandmates are, for lack of a better term, "alcoholics". we're open to post 1:45 a.m suggestions. thanks. [MOBY] (thx thighs)

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