by Doug Moore


Scottish post-rock masters Mogwai are releasing their eighth album, Rave Tapes, on January 21. They're streaming the album on The Guardian today; you can also listen below.

First impressions -- including my own -- have been pretty positive so far. I'm generally predisposed towards Mogwai's noisier, more strident material, but Rave Tapes makes the most of their patient side. Though they've always had an electronic component, it's really on display here; digital tones fill out airy compositions that drift more often than they swell or crescendo. The sampled discourse on rock'n'roll subliminal messaging on "Repelish" is an especially endearing touch: "Satan. Gotta live for Satan. Master Satan."

You can preorder it here and stream it in full, along with a track stream and the video for "The Lord is Out of Control," below...


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