Four members of the now-defunct Dutch psychedelic occult rock band The Devil's Blood (including lead vocalist Farida "The Mouth of Satan" Lemouchi) now have a new project, Molasses, who were first commissioned to perform at Roadburn 2019 and are now set to release an album, Through The Hollow, on October 16 via Season of Mist. The first single is the 11-minute title track, which is cut from the same psychedelic, occult rock cloth as the members' previous band, and goes through all kinds of cool changes throughout its lengthy running time.

Farida's brother Selim, who founded The Devil's Blood, died in 2014. Farida told Decibel how the name Molasses is a tribute to one of his songs from his Selim Lemouchi & His Enemies project:

I was thinking of a name and then of course I thought of The Devil’s Blood and how we got that name [from Watain, who were a huge inspiration to Selim]. And then I was looking at Selim’s songs from the Enemies and I saw ‘Molasses’. It was my favourite actually. And the meaning of this stuff is, it’s very sticky, you know? The whole idea of molasses is that it’s letting go, but real slow and it always keeps sticking a little bit. You never can really let go. You have to embrace it, and you have to stop and think with it. But you can still move on. For me, it’s like that. There is a time when you stand still and then you have to go into it a bit deeper, and then it gets really deep and dark. And then when when you do that, you wake up one day and you’re stronger and better and then you take next steps.

Listen to the new song:

Also watch Molasses perform the song at Roadburn:


1. Through the Hollow
2. Get Out From Under
3. Formless Hands
4. Corpse of Mind
5. The Maze of Stagnant Time
6. I Am No Longer
7. Death Is
8. Tunnel
9. The Devil Lives

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