Swedish artist Molly Nilsson has announced Extreme, her 10th album and first in three years, which will be out digitally on January 15 via Night School, with vinyl and CD copies out January 28. “The letter X marks the spot, crosses over, literally with a cross," Molly says of the album's title and its themes. "It’s the former, the ex-. The ex-lover known simply as “an ex”. Ex- is the latin prefix meaning “out”. Exterior, an exit. Extraordinary. Excellent. It’s exciting. Generation X. X-files. X is the unknown. X is Extreme.“

The first single off the album is the anthemic, danceable "Absolute Power," in which she sings, "It’s me vs. the Black hole at the centre of the Galaxy / Who we are vs. Who we’d like to be / Get ready for the Fight of the Century." The video for the song was co-directed by Molly and Graw Böckler, and has her getting ready for that fight. You can watch it below.


Molly Nilsson - Extreme
1. Absolute Power
2. Earth Girls
3. Fearless Like A Child
4. Kids Today
5. Intermezzo x - Wheel Of Fortune
6. Sweet Smell Of Success
7. Obnoxiously Talented
8. Avoid Heaven
9. Take Me To Your Leader
10. They Will Pay
11. Pompeii

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