Both Moog and Korg, two of the biggest names in analogue synthesizers, have each made one of their popular synth apps for a free download for a limited time to encourage creativity while people are staying home due to social distancing, self quarantine and other preventative measures during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Moog is offering up it's Minimoog Model D for iOS: "A gift to spread positivity, creativity, and expressivity. A moment to slow down, appreciate our innate strength, and experience the uplifting power of sound. A chance to share the way we hear the world around us…and if it moves you, express yourself." It works better on iPads than iPhones.

Korg, meanwhile, is offerening up its Kaossilator app for IOS or Android for free for a limited time. Says Korg, "Schools, workplaces, and meetings worldwide have been requested to close by their respective governments and so many people are studying and working from home. To help you with a musical way to occupy your mind we have decided to make the Kaossilator app for iOS and Android free of charge for a limited time." The Android version is free through March 20 while the IOS app is free through the end of March.

Both are fun to play around with even if, like me, you don't really know what your doing. Watch video demos for both below.

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