Moon King, aka Toronto-born artist Daniel Benjamin who has played in Grimes' band as well as his brother Airick's group, Doldrums, will release new album Voice Of Lovers on April 2 via Montreal's Arbutus Records. This is the first Moon King album since Daniel transformed the group from motorik shoegaze into a sound that embraces '80s/'90s dance music. First single is the shuffling, funky "Neon Lights" which premieres in this post. "'Neon Lights' is about endless hours I spent listening to music and learning to mix records, at the apartment I lived in for a few years in Hamtramck, Michigan," says Daniel. "my friend Kaylan (Detroit synth-pop singer Vespre) sings the choruses, and my vocals on the verses are pitched up to make it sort of a surreal duet. I was messing around with the tape speed a lot during recording, and the rest of the track is actually slowed down quite a bit on playback. it's meant to capture a hazy, late night kind of vibe." You can watch the computer animated "Neon Lights" video, which furthers that '80s vibe, below.

Daniel has a few Moon King dates coming up, including shows in Chicago, Toronto and Montreal, as well as European dates later in the spring. All are listed below.

Moon King - 2019 Tour Dates
3/9 Chicago, IL - the Lot
3/15 London, ON - JUNOfest
4/5 Montreal, QC - L'Escogriffe
4/11 Toronto, ON - the Monarch
4/26 Berlin, DE - Internet Explorer
4/27 Krakow, PL - Klub RE
4/28 Warsaw, PL - Poglos
5/2 Leipzig, DE - [secret location]
5/4 Cologne, DE - [secret location]

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