The Moonlandingz, aka Lias and Saul of Fat White Family plus duo Eccentronic Research Council, just released a new single, "Black Hanz," which is a preview of their forthcoming debut album which was produced by Sean Lennon and mixed by Dave Fridman (Flaming Lips, MGMT). Like "Sweet Saturn Mine," the new single is danceable, garagey and a little angry. Say the band:

A song for our times, born out of abuse; abuse in the workplace, abuse in the street, abuse by the sniveling toe rags we call a government, abuse for daring to dream and be different. BLACK HANZ is a celebration of the Outsider, the socially inept, the so-called village weirdo and a curse on the shriveled genitals of those regressive little Englanders that won't let us move forward, to be ourselves. They can hit us but they won't beat us, Black Hands - Do it Again, etc..!!!

"Black Hanz" is out now as an EP with another good new one, "Drop it Fauntleroy," an instrumental and a Madchester-y remix of "Psych Ersatz." You can stream the whole thing below.

In other news, Saul has a new solo project called Insecure Men that will play its first-ever NYC shows at Elvis Guesthouse on December 7 with Tess Parks (tickets) and Berlin on December 9 with Roya and Simon Doom. Says bandmate Lias Saudi:

From the shadows of a world intent on wilting before it's rightful time steps a man of unshakeable faithlessness, well men actually, Insecure Men. Comrade Saul takes his new project for the first time into the live arena in New York City this week. I would go there and heckle him myself but I'm stuck in Cambodia; brutalise him my Yankee brothers and sisters, with either your disdain or your adoration, it'll be more fun than sitting at home contemplating the fact you just elected an actual fascist to run the most powerful nation on earth, that much I can guarantee.
God bless you all. Praise Allah.

Flyer for the Elvis Guesthouse show (which finds Saul ever the provocateur) is below.