Sweden's Morbus Chron were initially around in the late '00s and early/mid '10s and made a type of progressive, psychedelic, blackened death metal that resulted in their 2014 sophomore LP Sweven, a landmark of modern death metal and a clear influence on the current wave of prominent DM bands like Blood Incantation, Tomb Mold, Horrendous, and the more recent material by fellow Swedes Tribulation. Sadly, they called it quits just a year after Sweven's release and haven't been heard from since, but now frontman/founder/songwriter/guitarist Robert Andersson has launched a new band named after that album, Sweven, who will release their debut album The Eternal Resonance on March 20 via Ván Records. Tracklist below.

The band is rounded out by Isak Koskinen Rosemarin on lead guitar, and Jesper Nyrelius on drums. Both are members of fellow Swedish death metal band Speglas, and Isak was the live guitarist in Morbus Chron for a bit.

Andersson says, "Sweven was a record you shaped like any other, but it also ended up shaping me and my goals with music. It came to mean a lot of things personally. So when the time was ripe to form a new band and continue the journey, there were no other names even considered."

The new album was made "with the assistance of Rasmus Booberg, who led the drum recording, and David Castillo, who helped out with the electric guitars." The album artwork (above) was created by Raul Gonzalez, who also worked with Morbus Chron.

Andersson continues, "To me it’s an old album by now, one which I’ve lived with for a long time. Like with most endeavours that you care deeply about, they tend to take longer than planned, and this was one of the more extreme cases. As I prepared to once again leap headfirst into a never-ending cycle of anger and frustration, I knew it had to stop. All things considered, I’m proud of this album. The songs mean the world to me. It is at this point the closest I’ve come to realising what I want to do musically. The biggest thank you to Isak and Jesper for pulling their weight and colouring this record in a profound way. You’ve been indispensable. Expect the unexpected."

No word yet on when we'll get to hear new music, but this is exciting news! While you wait, revisit Morbus Chron's Sweven below...

The Eternal Resonance TRACKLIST
1. The Spark (3:07)
2. By Virtue Of A Promise (9:21)
3. Reduced To An Ember (7:30)
4. The Sole Importance (8:03)
5. Mycelia (7:37)
6. Solemn Retreat (9:43)
7. Visceral Blight (6:35)
8. Sanctum Sanctorum (8:34)

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