Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams have added two more tapings at Brooklyn's Kings Theatre for the upcoming second season of 2 Dope Queens for HBO. The new tapings happen December 6 & 7, following the previously announced tapings on 12/4 & 12/5. Tickets for all four are on sale now (and you can win a pair to one of the first two nights). Guests on the first season of the Tig Notaro-directed series included Jon Stewart, Tituss Burgess, and Sarah Jessica Parker. Who will join them for S2?

Meanwhile, Phoebe Robinson is currently on a book tour for her new essay collection Everything's Trash, But It's Okay (which has a foreword by Broad City co-star and Phoebe's YQY tourmate Ilana Glazer). She just hit NYC's Bell House on Sunday (10/14) and Gramercy Theatre last night (10/15). The tour continues in Boston tonight (10/16). All dates and tickets here.

Roxane Gay gave the book four out of five stars and wrote:

Phoebe Robinson brings her infectious charm and utterly delightful sense of humor to her second essay collection, Everything’s Trash But That’s Okay. From body image to contemporary feminism to our culture of overwork, Robinson offers deft cultural criticism and hilarious personal anecdotes that will make readers laugh, cringe, and cry. Everything may indeed be trash but writing like this reminds us that we’re gonna make it through all the terrible things with honesty, laughter, and faith.

Here's an excerpt from the book, via Vulture:

So the boyfriend, who was also struggling with money, and I moved in together, and almost immediately, our relationship fell apart. Every single incompatibility was clear as day, and eventually I broke up with him and we agreed that since I ended the relaysh, I would move out. But I ain’t have no money, y’all — despite getting an advance for my first book and soon‑to‑be bestseller, You Can’t Touch My Hair. “How can that be?” one might ask. “I thought authors were rich?” Ummmm, the lucky few like J. K. Rowling and Stephen King are. But lil ole me, an unproven author who will probably only be able to afford to shop at Forever 21 when I’m sixty‑one? No. “But not even with your book advance?” Again, no. You see, advances are divided into installments: You get a chunk when you sign the contract, more cashola rolls in when you turn in the completed manuscript, and the final third arrives to your bank account shortly after publication. My advance for #YouCantTouch was $25,000 before taxes and before my manager’s and lit agent’s commissions. So when all was said and done, what I received from my advance was somewhere in the ballpark of $18,000 … spread out over twenty‑two months. Yeeeeeeah, you know when you get a box of decadent cookies and the serving size on the back reads, “Excavate one chocolate chip from one cookie like Indiana Jones unearthing an artifact, grind that chip down to a fine powder, and then whisper, ‘Sssh, it’ll be over soon,’ and vacuum up the powder with a Dyson”? That’s how it felt to have this paltry advance divvied up.

Read more at Vulture. And here's part of Phoebe's new interview with NPR, where she discusses the aforementioned YQY tour with Ilana Glazer:

I've been doing comedy for 10 years. ... When I went on tour last fall with Ilana Glazer. We did our "YQY" tour across America, and we were both kind of being like, "Oh! We're funny." We've been doubting ourselves this whole freakin' time and a lot of that has been informed by the fact that we have different energy than a lot of the male comics. We carry ourselves different — maybe we tell our jokes in a different way or a different style — and we were beating ourselves up in allowing that patriarchal energy to affect our self-esteem. And then I was like, "Yeah, I'm good at this job."

In other news, Phoebe is also hosting Glamour's Women of the Year Summit in NYC.

Watch a recent Times Talk with the 2 Dope Queens hosts:

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