In the early 1980’s, a small group of dedicated Bay Area headbangers shunned the hard rock of MTV and Hollywood hairspray bands in favor of a more dangerous brand of metal that became known as thrash. From the tape trading network to the clubs to the record stores and fanzines, director Adam Dubin reveals how the scene nurtured the music and the music spawned a movement.

Murder In The Front Row is told through powerful first person testimony and stunning animation and photography. The film is a social study of a group of young people defying the odds and building something essential for themselves. Featuring interviews with Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus, Testament, Death Angel, Possessed, CrumbHead and many more. Narrated by Brian Posehn.

More screenings of the new Bay Area trash metal doc Murder In The Front Row are coming up, some of which include a Q&A with director Adam Dubin. Dubin will be on hand when the film returns to NYC for a screening on November 7 at Nitehawk Williamsburg as part of the BrooklynVegan-presented Music Driven series. The post-screening Q&A at that one will be moderated by Howie Abrams. Tickets are on sale.

That NYC screening is one day after the new Slayer film screens at over 1500 theaters worldwide (NYC included) and two days before Slayer's "final" NYC show at Madison Square Garden. It's also the day before Vio-lence begin their two-night run at Brooklyn Bazaar, so that's a very good week in general for New Yorkers to get in the Bay Area thrash spirit.

Other upcoming MITFR screenings with Q&As with Adam Dubin happen in Chicago, Mexico, and Long Island. There's also a screening in Pittsburgh (which doesn't appear to include a Q&A), one in Richmond (more details TBA), and several overseas. All upcoming screening dates are listed below, alongside the trailer.

For much more on Murder In The Front Row, read our interview with Adam Dubin.

Murder In The Front Row -- 2019 Screenings
10/25/2019 Aribau Multicines Sala 1 Barcelona, ES
10/26/2019 Harris Theater Pittsburgh, PA
10/30/2019 Vic Theatre Chicago
11/7/2019 Nitehawk - Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY
11/8/2019 Lichtspiel – Kino & Café Bamberg, DE
11/9/2019 Lichtspiel – Kino & Café Bamberg, DE
11/10/2019 Lichtspiel – Kino & Café Bamberg, DE
11/11/2019 Lichtspiel – Kino & Café Bamberg, DE
11/12/2019 Lichtspiel – Kino & Café Bamberg, DE
11/15/2019 Visual Arts Center Richmond, VA
11/16/2019 Cult Cafe Huntington, NY
12/7/2019 Melkweg Amsterdam, NL
12/12/2019 Sala Metronomo Santiago, CL
12/16/2019 Gagarin 205 - Gimme Shelter Film Festival (GSFF) Athens, GR

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