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By now, you might be all Christmasted out. Maybe not. If not, here's a whole bunch more links for your holiday listening pleasure. Merry Christmas.

Jason Zada has an entire 'Very Rare Holiday Album' available for download. Includes songs by Beck, The Cocteau Twins, and Porky Pig. (via The Glenn Case Blog)

Webfroot posted a 20 minute Christmas special 'podcast' along with some Christmas MP3s. Hear the 12 days of Christmas pirate style.

The Bob Narley show has some MP3 Christmas Comedy & Parody Songs for download. (with more parody songs here) (via bob's blog post)

Get a Steve Martin and Paul Simon Christmas track from SNL, courtesy of lafave's livejournal.

The following two links are both from Chromewaves's Christmas post.

Download eight Christmas songs by Sufjan Stevens, courtesy of drop7.com

'For the Records' posted a Christmas mix for partial download.

'For the Records' then led me to the next six links

Sound clips from one of my favorite movies, A Christmas Story.

Christmas songs for download @ Music For Robots.

a Bright Eyes Christmas song from Optimus Crime.

Download the entire Snowden Christmas EP (originally via the post by Jen at Gothamist in which I had this to say)

Womenfolk has a bunch of Christmas MP3s by women.

Good Rockin' Tonight posted a Ramones christmas song for download.

Need a way to kill more time while sitting here and listening to all this music? Head over to Thighs Wide Shut for a multitude of linkage.

By the way, I'm not even Christian. go figure.


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