It's been a tough month for Morrissey following the publication of his interview with German paper Der Spiegel. Many would argue at his own hand (or mouth) but Morrissey sees it differently, as he explains in a eight-minute "State of the Union" address he posted on (his nephew's) YouTube. The "hateful press" is to blame for new album Low in High School's lack of chart success, and maintains that his comments about Kevin Spacey, sexual harassment and other subjects were misinterpreted:

Suddenly, I was sympathizing with sexual harassment. I was apparently sympathizing with pedophilia, I was sympathizing with rape, I was sympathizing with everything that would persuade anybody on the planet to stop listening to me. Of course, none of those assumptions are true. I do not sympathize with anything like that. You can hear it in the tone of my voice.

However, this is the world we now live in with the print media. It seems to me that, in the first place, they get very angry or very excited if you stop to say something that people are listening to or that reflect the will of the people. They get very nervous. They won’t allow it. They shut it down and so forth.

You can listen to the tone of his voice for yourself in the audio from the interview. Morrissey also says that he was questioned by the U.S. Secret Service following his comments on Donald Trump in the same interview (and elsewhere), but that they were "very, very nice. And I do understand their position. So that went very, very well, and they assured me that they have no cause for concern." Moz then adds, "Congratulations, Der Spiegel. You achieved everything that you set out to do. Whether again I’m allowed free access to America, I really don’t know. I have to wait and see if I can enter the country again."

After talking about how he sees the current state of things today -- "you write things about people whom you’ve never met, and you denigrate them and destroy them" -- he then shifts gears to the Manchester attacks in May, and finally asks fans, "Don't believe what other people say about me...but believe whatever you think when you see me and you hear me because it's quite a different thing." You can watch the whole thing below.

In the video, Morrissey also thanks Jools Holland, Graham Norton and others for having him perform on their shows this year. Morrissey didn't thank CBS This Morning Saturday, but he and his band did appear on the show this past weekend (12/16) to perform "Spent the Day in Bed" and "Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage" as well as his classic "Every Day is Like Sunday," and you can watch that below as well.

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