David Bowie and Morrissey became friends in the early '90s, with the David covering Morrissey's very Bowie-esque "I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday" on his album Black Tie, White Noise. Morrissey also opened for Bowie on tour in 1995 though that ended up souring their friendship.

Before all that happened, in sunnier days, Bowie joined Morrissey on stage at LA's Forum on February 6, 1991 to cover T-Rex's classic "Cosmic Dancer."A live recording of that cover is now being released as a single, with a new version of The Jam's "That's Entertainment" (which he originally covered as a b-side to 1991's "Sing Your LIfe) on the flipside. That's out February 19, 2021 which is pretty close to the 30th anniversary of the actual show. You can listen to that, and watch video of that performance, below.

You may have forgotten, between COVID-19, the election, and Morrissey's far-right political views of late, that the former Smiths frontman released new album I Am Not a Dog on a Chain back in February and was scheduled to play two NYC shows at The Apollo before the pandemic hit. He has been thankfully quiet for most of the year.