Morrissey, who is currently on tour with Interpol, has seen his ratings go down in the court of public opinion this year thanks to his aligning with the far-right For Britain political party. There were a few protesters at the tour's stop in Portland on Monday night, as Exclaim! points out, holding up signs like "BIGMOUTH INDEED"  and one with the For Britain logo crossed out with a red "X." Morrissey stopped the show dead, and said "Let's be frank. When you with the sign are removed, I will continue. Otherwise, get out. Now!" He then went on to chant "Go! Go! Go!" and "We don't need you!" -- though the audience didn't really join in -- and eventually the protestors left and Morrissey kicked in with "Hairdresser on Fire." It was all captured on video and you can watch below:

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