Ever since Morrissey wore the pin of far right group For Britain on his Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon appearance, public outcry has been loud and one repercussion has been UK's Merseyrail commuter train service pulling posters for his new album from its stations. When asked about the train station posters during an interview with Music-News.com, Morrissey said, "It's very Third Reich, isn't it? And it proves how only the feelings of the most narrow-minded can be considered within the British Arts." He continued, "we are not free to debate, and this in itself is the ultimate rejection of diversity. If you ever see Question Time on BBC1, it is always exactly the same panel. I am afraid we are living through the Age of Stupid, and we must pray that it passes soon." He also said that he's not going to take on Merseyrail: "could life get any more mediocre? But, yes, my position in the UK is suddenly so abstract ... the ONLY thing I haven't been blamed for is the Normandy Invasion of 1944. Give them time, I suppose."

Morrissey also offered his thoughts on Theresa May's resignation -- "you see, you can mysteriously become Prime Minister, but it doesn't mean that anyone actually likes you" -- and, in less controversial news, says he and his band have already recorded a new album of originals and thinks it will come out in January.

You may recall Morrissey is generally pro-Brexit, something that Thom Yorke compared to "the early days of the Third Reich." 

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