Morrissey's new covers album California Son is out today but that news has been overshadowed by protests against him for his continued support of the far-right For Britain political party. Spillers Records in Cardiff, Wales, which bills itself as “the oldest record shop in the world,” has stopped carrying his albums. “I’m saddened but ultimately not surprised that Spillers is unable to stock Morrissey’s releases any longer,” Spillers owner Ashli Todd told Wales Online. “I only wished I’d done it sooner.” Meanwhile, posters for the album in Merseyrail train stations have been removed due to customer complaints, according to the London Daily Mail.

Two weeks after wearing the For Britain pin on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Morrissey has finally responded, sort of, in a rambly post on official news site Morrissey Central where he focuses most of his ire, as usual, at the UK print media. He does say "ignore the cold eyes of fascism." Read that and listen to his new album, if that's something you want to do, below.

in early old age could I please express very sincere thanks to BBC Radio 2 for their broad-shouldered support given to "California Son", "Wedding Bell Blues" and "It's Over". Whatever the future brings, I will always remember Radio 2's steady support during these rocky weeks - especially from Jo Whiley.

I am sorry the UK print media's contorted interpretation of who and what I am has gone all wrong. In these days when most people are afraid to even whisper, the print media write as if someone is coming to get them. This aching nervousness brings on the vengeful and paranoid. Inventing Britain's doomsday is the preoccupation of the tabloids, and they can hate you for having lived.

I straighten up, and my position is one of hope. The march backwards is over, and life has begun again. With voice extended to breaking point, I call for the prosperity of free speech; the eradication of totalitarian control; I call for diversity of opinion; I call for the total abolition of the abattoir; I call for peace, above all; I call for civil society; I call for a so-far unknowable end to brutalities; "No" to Soviet Britain; prayers not to gods but to forces; an end to disingenuous media cluelessness; the people have the power; hatred and beheadings belong in the furnace of history; music might still be your only friend; for every shade and persuasion … we shall always be alongside each other - everyone's culture of value; no more fashionable outrage; cows are friends to humans - don't kill them; beware of those who write in headlines; moral fiber means holding on … to your friends; give up on inferior arguments; God gave you your life to enjoy - you will cry for your life in years to come … death always answers back; do not be a nobody; you have survived this far in order to make the remainder peaceful and funny; your very survival proves that you have a right; ignore the cold eyes of fascism; your life is Art.