Jan St. Werner and Andi Toma will release new album AAI (Anarchic Artificial Intelligence) on February 26 via Thrill Jockey. Their last proper album, 2017’s Dimensional People featured loads of cool guests but was on the experimental tip, but this one sounds like it’s going to be just a little more user-friendly. Still, the duo remain innovative. According to the band, the album conveys the idea of embracing “AI and technology as a collaborator to break out of our current cultural and moral stagnation, and to ensure our survival as a species.” Maybe they should connect with Grimes.

Mouse on Mars just released new single “Artificial Authentic,” which is buoyant and glitchy, with vocodered voices that melt into the airy synths. According to the press release, it was created “through the development of new technologies that warp the text and voices of Chude-Sokei and DJ/producer and programmer Yağmur Uçkunkaya into playable instruments.” In any case, it’s a great track and you can check it out, along with “Latent Space” from the album, below.

mouse on mars - Artificial Authentic

Mouse on Mars AAI (Anarchic Artificial Intelligence) tracklist:
Engineering Systems
The Latent Space
Speech and Ambulation
Thousand To One
Walking And Talking
Machine Rights
Go Tick
The Fear Of Machines
Artificial Authentic
Machine Perspective
Cut That Fishernet
Tools Use Tools
Loose Tools
Seven Months
Borrow Signs
New Definitions
New Life Always Announces Itself Through Sound