Ohio post-metal outfit Mouth of the Architect have been doing their thing since the early 2000s, churning out some of the better post-NeurISIS music out there as a band that understands that you really have to write songs and, above all, crush to justify all the atmospherics. They're getting ready to release a new full-length, their first since 2013's Dawning, which is called Path of Eight and will drop on October 7 via Translation Loss records. They've shared the first song from that album, which is called "Drown the Old."

After Dawning suggested a more immediate, accessible sound for these guys, the new song seems to continue to push things in that direction. It's the most clearly-produced material yet from these guys, and the polish serves them well. Starting off with a jittery atmospheric passage that builds anticipation, this one quickly gets into the heaviness, and it's a kind of non-stop wash of a layered assault that really gets the blood pumping. Just when you think you've settled into doomy hits there's a blast beat around the corner, or a surprisingly nimble Mastodon-aping sludge riff. It's as close to a radio jam as these guys have ever gotten, a relatively quick sub-5-minute trip through the wringer. It's a good one, and it's definitely got me excited to hear the whole album.

Mouth of the Architect have a few midwestern dates coming up. Check those out, and listen to "Drown the Old" (via Lambgoat), below.

Mouth of the Architect -- 2016 Tour Dates
Chicago, IL @ Reggies 8/12
Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon Bar 8/13
Grand Rapids, MI @ Pyramid Sceme 8/14

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