Like Jeff Tweedy, whose new book takes you through How to Write One Song, St. Vincent will be sharing her songwriting secrets in a new venture. In the case of Annie Clark, she'll be doing that by teaching a virtual MasterClass on songwriting and creativity. MasterClass subscribers will have access to video lessons from Annie on writing, recording, and performing music, and "[embracing] your vulnerability." There are 16 lessons, including a few on writing and recording the song "Savior;" as well as "fear, shame, and humiliation;" "basic tools for bedroom composing;" "seizing opportunity;" guitar tone, tunings, and techniques; performing on stage, and more. Watch a trailer for the class below.

MaserClass also features classes from Timbaland, Carlos Santana, Tom Morello, Christina Aguilera, Herbie Hancock, Shelia E., deadmau5, Reba McEntire, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Natalie Portman, Hans Zimmer, Judd Apatow and tons of others.

Meanwhile, Annie also recently recorded a podcast for Audible, "St. Vincent: Words + Music," that includes reworked versions of some her songs and discussion of her family, her time in The Polyphonic Spree, and more.


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