Moviepass is still struggling to hang on, and seemingly changing its terms of service on a daily basis. Recently they announced that they would keep the $9.99 subscription price and would eliminate surge pricing but limit users to three movies a month. Over the weekend, most users only had the choice of two movies to see with the service, one of which was the critically panned horror film Slenderman. (My other choice was giant shark movie The Meg.) Now they've announced that there will be a rotating selection of "up to six movies per day" available to Moviepass subscribers. The website actually lists seven per day -- though some of them may be unknown to most -- and today (8/16) it's The Meg, Spike Lee's BlacKkKlansman, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, We the Animals, Skate Kitchen, Summer of 84 and Juliet, Naked. The choices will all be major studio and independent film releases, so that eliminates repertory screenings of older films almost entirely.

Those who haven't canceled their subscription yet can find out what movies are available on upcoming days here.

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