Season 2 of USA's cult hit show Mr. Robot is underway (the premiere dropped on July 13). You can catch that on USA and wherever it is you tend to catch these things. Meanwhile, the cast was on the West Coast at San Diego Comic Con yesterday to talk about S2 and the show in general.

The panel (which included cast members Rami Malek, Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin, Christian Slater, and newcomer Grace Gummer, though, unfortunately, no Seinfeld-loving Joey Bada$$) hit typically zeitgeist-y topics like Pokemon Go and The Bachelorette (Christian Slater is a fan of both), while also spending a good amount of time on the much-loved music of the show, promising an exciting Neil Diamond music cue, with Slater also saying, "Music plays a big part in how each scene comes together. It's very particular."

They of course teased stuff from season 2 in appropriately vague ways ("it will go places you can't imagine!" You don't say...). There's been a lot of good first-hand coverage of this stuff, so if you hunger for all possible details, check out more comic-con reporting here, here and here.

Episode 3 of this season just aired (the season premiere was 2 episodes back to back), and if you watched (mild mild spoilers ahead), the very memorable "Adderall" montage was to Holy Fuck's "Lovely Allen." Just another in a series of inspired music cues. Check out a Comic Con interview that the cast did with Entertainment Weekly below.

Meanwhile, for fans in NYC, this is the last weekend for the Mr. Robot pop-up installation.

In related news, like Talking Dead and After the Thrones before it, you may have noticed that Mr. Robot also has an after-show now, which like After The Thrones is hosted by Andy Greenwald of SPIN, Grantland and Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and Emo (!) fame.