"it seems like kids are actually buyin this fake shit"


I found this while researching the other JFK/MSTRKFRFT post we just did....

someone wrote to me last night on myspace, saying we should play live and wear the masks etc. instead of DJing.

it got me thinking about what is passiing for live now. as you all know, i spent about 12 years playing 100% live for people around the world. thats how ALP and i met.. playing drums in diff bands that played together. i know what playing live really is. i know what it feels like and what it looks like... and i know that other than some of the techno artists, no one in this genre is playing live. sequenced ableton performances arent live. midi secuences arent live.

i actually find it insulting to hear people speak about thier faux live performances with me. anyone who saw DFA79 or femme fatale play knows how real a live performance can be. no hiding behind props or lights. not a fake moment or unnecessary item on the stage. no matter how hard i tried, it would never be the same every time. impossible. in true live music, there are just so many variables... every day is a new experience. calling these pre-arranged performances LIVE is like calling a DVD movie 'theatre'. know what im saying?

what gets me is that it seems like kids are actually buyin this fake shit. what punk rock still lives in me wouldnt let me look in the mirror if all i was doing was playing with filters behind a lightshow. if youve seen us DJ a few times, you know its always different. some nights we are off and some are incredible... thats cause its real. i dont feel right being anything but honest with the audience. maybe thats why i dont have that ashlee simpson money. even though we DJ, al and i have too much respect for live performance to ever call anything we could do as mstrkrft 'live'. the most live act in this genre is just working with midi sequences... so no one is actually PLAYING anything. theyre just turning knobs. fuck that.

so, lets not call that shit live anymore. call it A SHOW. cause thats what it is. call it A PERFORMANCE.... but please, dont refer to that as a live show. its not. the reason al and i havnt devised any live setup is because it would never really be truly live. im not sure if anyone even cares about honesty anymore, but i do and thats why youll never see that bullshit from me.

j f k

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