Last year, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)'s Keith Latinen released his debut solo EP as Mt. Oriander, and now he has announced a full-length, Then the Lightness Leaves and I Become Heavy Again, due October 21 via Keith's Count Your Lucky stars label on vinyl/digital (pre-order), with cassettes coming via Friend Club Records (pre-order). Keith handled vocals, guitar, bass, drums, and trumpet, and was also joined by Matt Hull, Brandon Lutmer, Warren Franklin, Mat Halliday, Andrew Stefano, Cathy Latinen, Colleen Dow, Ana Hughes Perez, Ben Hendricks, Brian Carley, Nick Kwas, Elliot Green, and Jacob West.

We're premiering the album's lead single "If This Is Sadness, I Don't Like It One Bit," which finds Keith sticking to the '90s-inspired OG emo revival vibes of Empire! Empire!, and he still knows how to tug at the heartstrings. Keith tells us, "This album originally was supposed to feature vocals from Brandon Lutmer of Joie De Vivre and Warren Franklin on separate tracks. Brandon and Warren went to the studio at the same time to do their respective tracks, and Warren ended adding his vocals to this track as well and it really filled the entire thing out. The three voices in the chorus felt so warm that this song jumped out to me immediately as the first single." Check out the new song below.

The Dark Parts of the Map Are Places You Have Not Yet Visited
What We Have is You
We Measure Our Distance in Time
If This is Sadness, I Don't Like It One Bit
A Drawing of a Bird that You Have Never Seen Before
We Should Get Out of Here Before Something Goes Terribly Wrong!
You Were Part of Me Before We Came Here
If Only Something Would Go Right for a Change
Rare Frog Coin
Lilliput Steps
We Are Not in This Alone
You Don't Have to Keep Trying Anymore

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